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We're Being Overtaken By Sugar!

The standard American diet has been overtaken by sugar, and our health - as well as our teeth - are suffering the consequences! Here are a few simple tips to keep your sweet-tooth tendencies at bay!

The Magic of Coconut Oil – Healthy fats found in coconut oil, such as medium chain triglycerides, are rapidly taken into the blood. These "good fats" offer a quick source of energy that is readily available for the body's cells.

Grass-Fed Butter – A great source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, grass-fed butter contains many unsaturated fats, offering the body a sustained source of quality fuel.

"Bullet Proof Coffee" offers healthy, sustainable energy

Saurkraut – Not the most delicious way to quench sugar cravings, but a quick bite of this fermented cruciferous vegetable is sure to knock-out even the most intense sweet-tooth.

Brazil Nuts – These powerful nuts are dense in energy and are highly nutritious. They contain high amounts of selenium, which has been shown to reduce the urge for sweets.

Coconut Chips – Just like coconut oil, a handful of these chips are sure to give you a boost of sustained energy.

A Hot Or Cold Shower – Sounds crazy, but a blast of cold water (or hot) will reset your neurochemistry -- and reduce the want for sugar.

Exercise – Perhaps the single greatest thing we can do to eliminate sugar cravings is exercise! Even knocking out 10 solid push-ups has been shown to dramatically reduce the thirst for sugar.

Green or Peppermint Tea – Exposing your taste buds to the bitterness of tea is a great way to "teach" your palate to enjoy flavors that aren't inherently sweet.

Breathing Exercises – When other options aren't available, or even if they are, mindful breathing can be a great way to reset your system and eliminate your sugary impulses!

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